FTD Confirma atraso

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FTD Confirma atraso

Mensagempor Douglas » Ter Mar 24, 2020 9:16 am

Mensagem da FTD confirma atraso nos próximos lançamentos, de acordo com a mensagem o envio dos novos lançamentos não acontecerá antes da 2a semana de Abril:

Message from FTD to the dealers:

Firstly, we sincerely hope that your good-self, your family and friends are all safe in this most difficult of times. Despite the serious implication of the Coronavirus, it seems Elvis can provide some much-needed sanity for many of us while confined to our homes.

We are currently waiting to discover what release date we can confirm for our next releases, St. Louis and Kid Galahad. This will obviously depend on what facility Impulse and DSV can offer with reduced and restricted personnel.

We will update when possible but nothing can and will ship until the 2nd week of April if at all possible. No recent orders sent will be processed before the new release ships.

Best wishes
Roger and Ernst
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