That's The Way It Is Rehearsals

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That's The Way It Is Rehearsals

Mensagempor Wagner Now » Qui Dez 10, 2015 10:42 am

This deluxe 8 cd set features the That's The Way It Is rehearsals. The rehearsals that lead to the legendary shows at the International Hotel in Las Vegas during the summer of 1970 and resulted in the documentary film well known by any Elvis fan. Both the studio & stage rehearsals are powerful and full of fun. He looked great, He sounded great and he was committed to make the upcoming shows a mind blowing success. The rehearsals are presented in the best possible audio quality, and remastered where necessary. With as a highlight the August 10 stage rehearsal remastered "from scratch" and unedited as they were available on the original tapes. This is a very limited release only...... Get it while you can and get back to the summer of 1970.
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