Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees


C                     Dm
Somewhere in, in the distant night
G          C 
I hear Christmas bells
Am                     Dm                             F
The gentle snow keeps falling down on people
Who are homeward bound
C                      Dm
That's the way it's always been
G                        C
The circle never really  ends
Am                         Dm
Christmas seems to come and go
F                               C
From the place that I don't know
G                         C
Holly leaves and Christmas trees
G                    C
It's that time of year
Am                           Em
Lights aglow and mistletoe
               F                               G
Don't mean a thing when you're not here
C                            Dm
As I walk, walk this lonely street
G                              C
The sound of snow beneath my feet
Am                   Dm
I'll think of how how it used to be
G                                      C
Holly leaves and Christmas trees
G                                C
Use to mean so much to me.



Contribuição de: Sergio Luiz Fiça Biston 

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