Elvis Collectors Brasil

Neste CD a FTD traz a trilha sonora do filme Spinout mais os takes alternativos.


Stop Look And Listen
Adam And Evil
All That I Am
Never Say Yes
Am I Ready
Beach Shack
I'll Be Back
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Down In The Alley
I'll Remember You
Stop Look And Listen (Takes 1-2-3)
Am I Ready (Take 1)
Never Say Yes (Takes 1-2)
Spinout (Takes 1-2)
All That I Am (Takes 1-2)
Adam And Evil (Takes 1-14-16)
Smorgasboard (Take 1)
Beach Shack (Takes 1-2-3)
Am I Ready (Takes 3-4)
Never Say Yes (Takes 4-5)
All That I Am (Take 4)
Stop Look And Listen (Take 6)
Smorgasboard (Take 5)

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