Elvis Collectors Brasil

Alternate Takes da sessão de gravação de 1960.


Make Me Know It (Take 11)
Soldier Boy (Take 7)
Stuck On You (Take 1)
Fame And Fortune (Take 5)
Like A Baby (Take 4)
It's Now Or Never (Takes 2,3)
The Girl Of My Best Friend (Take 3)
Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Take 1)
The Thrill Of Your Love (Take 1)
Such A Night (Take 1)
The Girl Next Door Went A Walking (Takes 1,2,3)
Milky White Way (Takes 4,5)
His Hand In Mine (Splice of takes 4,5)
He Knows Jist What I Need (Take 6,7)
Surrender (Take 2)
In My Fathers House (Take 7)
Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 2)
I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Take 5)
Working On The Building (Take 1)
I'm Comin' Home (Take 4)
Gently (Takes 1,2)
In Your Arms (Take 1)
It's A Sin (Take 2)
Starting Today (Take 2)
Sentimental Me (Take1)
Judy (Take 1)
Put The Blame On Me (Takes 1,2)

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