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Early Morning Rain

Intro: g,a,c,e,g,e,d,c,Dm,G,C

C                    G     Dm     G            C
In the early mornin' rain, With a dollar in my hand
C                   Dm     G                      C
And an aching in my heart, And my pockets full of sand
C                    Dm    G                         C
I'm a long ways from home, And I missed my loved one so
C                    G     Dm      G        C
In the early mornin' rain, With no place to go

C                    G     Dm    G        C
Out on runway number nine, Big 707 set to go
C                        Dm     G                        C
Well Iím out here on the grass, Where the pavement never grows
C                       Dm    G                      C
Where the liquor tasted good, And the women all were fast
C                 G       Dm    G              C
There she goes my friend, She's rolling out at last

C                       G      Dm      G              C
Hear the mighty engines roar , See the silver wing on high
C                       Dm     G                        C
She's away and westward bound, For above the clouds she flies
C                            Dm    G                  C
Where the mornin' rain don't fall, And the sun always shines
C                        G     Dm G                 C
She'll be flying over my home, In about three hours time
C                         G     Dm      G               C
This ol' airportís got me down, It's no earthly good to me
C                            Dm      G                         C
'Cause Iím stuck here on the ground, Cold and drunk as I might be
C                Dm      G                      C
Can't jump a jet plane , Like you can a freight train
C                  G    Dm     G             C
So I best be on my way, In the early mornin' rain
C                  Dm   G                    C
So I best be on my way, In the early mornin' rain
g,a,c,e,g,e,d,c,   Dm   G                    C
So I best be on my way, In the early mornin' rain

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